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The search for the “Labyrinth park”: Internet research

Internet has given little to nothing away in regards to where the location of the Labyrinth park is to be found.

As I state in my previous post on the subject when I went to Hampstead Heath, the imdb.com site lists it as one of it’s  filming locations as well as Elstree studios, England, and Upper Nyack in the United States.

Based on Brian Froud’s comments on the Labyrinth commentary that can be found on the DVD and blu-ray releases, neither of the other imdb.com named locations hold the illusive park. In the commentary he notes the interesting scene edit when Sarah runs across the bridge in the park in England and then appears from a side street in the USA.

Even so, it has been suggested that the park is Memorial park on the river but that has also been proven incorrect.

Furthermore there have been endless discussions on the park in forums and comments all over the internet but no one seems to know exactly where it is, even after all this time.

So far, internet research has only lead to dead ends…

~ TheTreviOwl


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