A girls search for adventure!

TheTreviOwl in London!

I finally did it! I now live in London!

When I started this blog I mentioned that it had been a dream for a long time to live in London and that I was determined to make it happen… and now I have.

I’m here for a little bit of studying in mind, with hopes of lots of adventures and so far my stay here has been like a dream. I’ve now seen Labyrinth on the big screen which I highly recommend and just a few nights ago I got to listen to Brian Froud talk about Labyrinth at the “Goblin King’s Court of Disorder” which is an annual masquerade ball here (well this was the 1st. annual but I hope they throw it every year, it was a blast!). I’m also finally working on a proper Sarah costume.

Now if things keep going like they’ve been going so far, all I can say is this… Follow your dreams!

During my stay here I want to try to visit Elstree studios where Labyrinth was shot and locate the park in the opening scene. I know it’s around here somewhere! 😀

I’ll of course put my progress on here as it happens.

~ TheTreviOwl


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