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Fan Video – “Greensleeves”

In the Labyrinth novel that accompanied the book in 1986 it is stated that instead of “As the world falls down”, Sarah’s music box plays the old English song “Greensleeves”.

A reason for why the song is different is never given but if you look into the history of the song you start to discover it’s true meaning.

The song is assumed to be written about Anne Boylan’s rejection of Henry VIII and in the “supposed” Greensleeves lyrics (found here for example) Henry the VIII is heartbroken after offering Anne anything she wanted if she would only love him… sounds very familiar.

Delving into it deeper one can also find references to Henry VIII being a captive of his love for Anne (“Within You”) and he goes on to list things he’s done for her which he thought would please her (“I’ve turned the world upside down…” ect) only to be met by her rejection. The song then ends with his saddened words of being her love forever even though she’s left him.

Henry VIII is remembered for being lustful, egotistical, harsh and an insecure king.

I made the video trying to reflect that Jareth made Sarah’s fantasies come true  in an almost overpowering way which she was dangerously close to giving into… denying him she not only gave him up but also a part of herself… any theories on which part?

~ TheTreviOwl

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